Tuesday, 29 November 2016

How to make money online

Bitcoin Earning Platforms

We all want easiest and fastest way to make money by putting less efforts. There are various ways through which we can earn money online but most them are active incomes. When we say active incomes that means we need to put lot of efforts in order to generate the money. But there are other ways where we don't even need to work and can easily make money which is known as passive income. Due to Fraud generating passive income is quite difficult and we all hesitate to invest our money to any unknown platform. But there are some good system which is running from long time and giving Good returns on our investment. There are some well known  system where we invested and earned good amount of money

1. Mypayingcryptoads
2. Bitsea.biz

 Those who wants to multiply their money can now invest their money in Mypayingcryptoads (MPCA) . This system works on Cryptocurrency  BITCOINS . Now what is bitcoin ? it is an first decentralised currency or a payment method. This part we have covered in another segment. Please follow the above links to know more about bitcoins. MPCA gives 20% flat earning on all advertisement adpacks. However we can also double our money by repurchasing through earning for consecutive next 60 days. Below is the link for signup. Before we signup please ensure we also have BITCOIN Wallet .

In this Blog we will let you know how we can increase our earning and bit coins through Adpacks.

Here is the screen shot of my account you can see 158 total active packs. And my total earnings of last 35 days.

This way we can double our Bit coin only in couple of months. It is a very robust system which is running from last one and half year. We will cover step by step how we can start our passive income through this system. Here is the signup link through which we can create account.


Once we create the account and login in the system it will take us to the home page  which will have many advertisement option like banner , text and login ads. But we will start first with the Adpacks. So first click on purchase adpacks

Once we clicked on purchase Adpacks we will find an icon like notepad as visible in the screen shot. After clicking on this icon we need to fill the banner details.  We can select any type of banner or we can choose same which is mentioned in this example.

Banner URL:- https://luxuryshares.net/img/banners/20161006054247.jpg
Destination URL:- https://luxuryshares.net/ref/5747
Banner Style 125*125

Once the banner is set up then we need to click on Buyadpacks and need to purchase the number adpacks we want to buy. There are total 4 levels of adpacs in first level one adpack value is .01 and in second it's .03 and on third it is .05 where we can buy up to 100 packs where as in fourth level it is .10 and we can buy up to 1000 adpacks. So total we can buy up to 108 BTC in single adpack banner

Here we can enter number of adpacks we want to buy and choose the payment option. It can be our commission, earning balance or both. Processor is that option when we are going to make payment through our bit coin wallet. On initial level or first payment we need to make from processor later on we can buy from earning or commission balance as per our convenience. There is an monthly payment in all level of adpacks which we have to make in order to keep the Adpacks active. Earning will only generate when adpacks are in active status. To make them active there are two conditions which we need to fulfill. First monthly payment and second need to surf 10 days daily . please refer the screen shot. 

Bitcoin Withdrawal in Mypayingcryptoads

Withdrawal can be done on daily basis but it should not be more than 1 and less than .01 BTC. Withdrawing twice more than the purchased amount will reduce our earning by 50% and if we withdraw three times of the the purchased then account would be closed and we need to reopen the account once again.

How can we double our Bitcoins in this system.

Not only double but we can triple or can even earn more bit coins in this system by repurchasing. The simple strategy we need to follow is that we need to repurchase the Adpacks for consecutive next 60 days without any withdrawal. Due to it's compounding interest system earning will increase every day. Lets take an example if 2 BTC are put in the system then first day earning would be .0400 BTC through which we can buy one adpack of .03. Second day earning would on 2.04 BTC which is .0408.

Before we star our investment. we  need to understand it's behavior and market opportunity. It could be an good source of income but bitcoin price is very unstable and value can huge increase or decrease in a day. But once we understand it's market we would surely want to invest in this. Bitcoin market is mostly affected by the buyer and seller more the number of buyers higher the value and vice versa. It means when bitcoin value is higher the probability of it's going down is more.  Because once the value is high in order to earn the profit investor would definitely like to sell it. which will lead to decrease the bitcoin value. once the value decrease more investor would be interested to invest which would increase the probability of higher the bitcoin rate.

Please refer last 5 years of Bitcoin chart before we initiate investment.

Bitcoin Exchange in local currency

Price of bitcoin fluctuate a lots so in order to make the better deal we need to monitor the bitcoin exchange rate. And we can easily realize it with the help of our wallet. companies usually charge between 40 to 80 usd per 1 Bitcoin.

We can also subscribe bitcoin news to get daily update for better strategy.  Some countries still don't have facility of liquidating in to local currency due to government restriction. But there are lots of wallet available where you can first convert in to USD and then you can realized in your local currency. Follow the link to know more details on wallet or How to buy bitcoins ?

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